Mel Plehov

Writer and Editor Manchester, UK

I'm a freelance writer and editor.
I'm professional, likeable (I hope), I get the job done and always
meet deadlines.

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My writing covers a wide range of areas, specifically mass-market publishing and bespoke titles.
Children: I write best for primary age, non-fiction subjects, such as cars, trucks, history, geography, dinosaurs, the planets, the human body, etc.
I have also written younger children's novelty books with fictional narratives.
Adult: My areas of interest and knowledge are history (British, ancient and world), cookery, health and fitness, yoga, music, current affairs and travel.

I am available to take on full projects from concept through to final files, I have much experience in mass-market publishing and working to tight deadlines. The areas I enjoy best are children's non-fiction/learning products, adult gift and coffee table books, cookery books and anything involving sport, or health and fitness.
I am also able to turn my hand to most other things, be it proofreading, indexing, fact-checking or picture research.

About me
I've worked in the publishing industry for many years in various editorial roles. I occasionally moonlight as a musician, where I transform into a 1940s jazz saxophonist complete with victory rolls and bright red lipstick (check out

In addition to the writing work above, I also write adult fiction and gig reviews for magazines. I like to explore the world and learn as many new things as possible, eat as many new foods as possible and take as many photos as possible. I spend much of my time dying my hair red (because no matter how many times it says 'permanent' on the box, it always fades) and thinking long and hard about compelling topics to write about, or to bring up at slow-moving, barbeque-type occasions. Every day I try to do a pull-up, but I can never get my head above the bar.

Please contact me to discuss work opportunities, any of the above, or anything else that might make for good conversation.



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